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Modern Table Pasta


Building A Brand For Modern Eaters

The Skinny
Modern Table originally launched as a brand for busy moms who wanted to feed their kids healthy food. However, after initial release they realized that a different type of customer was actually purchasing the product—one that was more focused on an active lifestyle and/or plant-based eaters looking for protein-packed meal options. With this in mind, they came to us looking to build the basics of the brand foundation for future success. This included a new e-commerce based website, social media strategy and execution, and cohesive marketing across the spectrum of digital channels.

The Tone

In order to speak to the customers we knew had the greatest potential, we moved away from the majority user-generated content they had previously utilized, into more owned content with greater creative control over the look and feel of what was shared. This included a social content library, recipe videos and product-focused photos, influencer collabs & takeovers, product reviews from dietitians, and weekly newsletters with delicious new recipes.

A Bold New Look

Brand Identity + Content Creation
To keep the momentum going and continue to grow awareness, we recommended a stronger brand identity. From this, the mantra “Eat Modern” was born — a rally cry for people looking to eat less meat and dairy and who are conscious of their impact on the world. The persona is approachable; quick-witted but never a know-it-all. The look is simple, and bold, including hints of nature by using sunlight and shadows of plants to reflect the wholesome ingredients that Modern Table is made of.


A New Web Presence

Web Design + Development
To better serve potential customers seeking to Eat Modern, we extended Modern Table’s new brand identity to their website, by updating the visual styles, and functionality to appeal to their new audience. Additionally, providing resources like original recipes, a store locator, and detailed FAQ gives their curious new customers everything they need to start enjoying Modern Table.

Modern Table on desktop
10 Percent
32 Percent
186 Percent
65 Percent

Show Me The Noodz

The Results
With the shift from less selling to more connecting, we saw 32% follower growth over a four month period, while email Click-through Rates soared 186% higher than the previous year. Engagement Rate went up 65%, and web sales increased by 10% during an ad testing period. Additionally, Cost per Engagement and CPM were more cost-efficient, reaching more people and earning more Engagement than ever before.