Meet Rachel

Category: Departika

Rachel Backs

a.k.a Rachel Fronts

Currently working on: A super fun Morning Day Cafe window display, images for the new Flame Boss site, and other web content for The Wine Group brands.

Known in the office for: Being the youngest and also the coolest.

Free-time Festivities: I honestly just love hangin’ out with my friends and going to sweet local places in Springfield. I also enjoy biking, kayaking, and thrift shopping. I frequently visit KC and Arkansas on weekends to see family and get outside. Oh yeah can’t forget to mention my cat. Love that dude!

What makes me cool: I have a septum piercing. Is that cool enough? No I’m kidding. I’ve always loved art so graphic design came really naturally for me but I never thought I’d get to work at a place like Departika. It’s pretty cool to see how far I’ve already come since the short time I’ve been out of college and I can’t wait to continue learning!